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This is an Author Toolbox post. And the last one for 2018, because our fearless leader knows how crazy November (NaNoWriMo!) and December (HOLIDAYS!) get. If you missed out for this year, it’s okay. Head on over to Raimey Gallant’s website, sign your author self up, and we’ll see you in 2019!

So author friends. There are roughly nine shopping weeks left until Christmas arrives, heralded by the distinct sound of gift wrap ripping. Even less time left for those of you shopping for Hanukkah (47 days! Chag Sameach!)

Don’t give me that look. I know we haven’t even had Halloween yet. Time and gift tides wait for no one.

nightmare before christmas gif

Be of good cheer, because I have an early present for you. This is a list of the different options I have found, begged, borrowed, or heard of, to promote your books.

Feel free to copy and paste this into your own document and work down it all next year. I don’t guarantee every site will work for your book, but at least a few of them should.

Advertising Sites

The Romance For romance authors, starting at 5$ for a simple blog ad and going up to 40$ for a newsletter feature on just your book. Their featured membership is $5.00 per month which gives you some great perks, like posting to their blog on weekends, request a book feature, shout outs of your news, etc.

The TBR Primarily for erotic romance authors. From 8$ for a newsletter mention to 75$ for the ultimate promo bundle.  All authors, as it says, and it’s a kind of BookBub-lite flavor. For a complete breakdown on their offerings check out my older toolbox post, Adding AllAuthor to Your Author Toolbox For romance authors. Free for reviews, chats and author contests. From 10$ for a home page ad to 50$ for a custom banner ad. LGBT romance and fiction authors. They offer everything from 1 day blog tours (35$) to 10 day promotional blog tours (80$). Romance book site. You can create an author profile with them and an author page (2.99$ a month) or opt for ads. Starting at 10$ for a month-long static cover ad and working up to 275$ for a year long premium ad package with mixed rotating ads throughout the year, an author interview, and spotlight on the website. For horror, dark fantasy, thrillers and it looks like a smattering of SciFi. Starting at 5$ a month for a simple blog ad and working up to 35$ for a featured newsletter sent out just about your book. Like a BookBub site, but pure romance. Create an author profile with them and an author page (this is free) and then you can purchase ads to run on the site for a month. They’re constantly doing games, giveaways and raffles to promote their authors, too. For young adult authors. Like the Romance Studio and the Darker Studio (they’re the same company). Starting at 5$ a month for blog ads, up to 15$ a month for featured cover ads. They will also design a book trailer for you (25$). Looks like they offer romance, YA, Paranormal, SciFi, and Suspense options. Some advertising options are pricey (80$ a month for a cover feature on their home page) but their scavenger hunt pricing isn’t bad and they offer an author account so you can list your books in their site directory which appears to be free.

And, of course, there are always the Big Three. Let’s all assume together that “Big” translates as, “big advertising prices”.

Amazon  Book Bub and Goodreads.

(Goodreads has a little questionnaire you fill out and when it comes to “budget” the options were “less than 1000”, “1000 to 2000” and “more than 2000” and I just put my head down on my desk and laughed until I cried while a little piece of my soul gave up and died. So there’s that.)

instant regret gif

here is my favorite gif ever, as an apology for that litany of $$$$$

In the future I’ll have a curated list for you of all the websites/blogs I’ve found that will review your book, if you ask nicely and have the kind of books they wish to read. Until then, enjoy this list, and the ever increasing speed of your slide towards holiday season.