Top Ten Tuesday; Lists and books! Booky lists. Come join in at That Artsy Reader

Sometimes a long book, like a really long one, can be the most satisfying read. Short stories have their own charms, regular size books are satisfying, but when a good author has you in hand a thousand page book just feels like dropping into a new world and staying there. You really get to know the characters, the setting, the rules of the world…let’s face it, the author has basically teleported you straight there. When it comes to worldbuilding, size really does matter.

Plus, I will not lie, looking at a freaking doorstopper of a book you’ve just read gives you a real feeling of pride. Yeah, I read that. No, the whole thing. Yep. I’m just that good.


IT: 1,153 pages (and worth every one)

‘Salem’s Lot: 653 pages of creeptastic nasty vampires

The Stand: 1,141 apocalyptic pages

The Sword of Shannara: 726 pages of old-school fantastic fantasy

The Wishsong of Shannara: 467 pages (aww, it’s the baby of the group!)

The Elfstones of Shannara: 576 pages


Illuminae: 608 pages of kickass Sci-Fi documents, files and hacked images

Gemina: 672 pages and they needed each one to pull off that crazy plot twist

Obsidio: 624 pages and honestly, I needed some more. #goddamnitaidan


Terrier: 608 pages which you should read immediately if you like strong, competent, kickass YA heroines