Top Ten Tuesdays were born on The Broke and the Bookish and then moved to That Artsy Reader Girl just this year. It’s all about a love of books, lists, and combining the two as a gloriously nerdy whole. Come join in!

This week’s list is all about bookish items or merchandise I’d like to own. Tie down all loose items and get the whiners below decks, bookworms. It’s about to get real.

get ready

Bookends. There are seven bookshelves in my house and they had to go wherever they fit. So a few are in the usual place, such as the living room, but . . . two are in my daughter’s closet, one is in the pantry, and one in my closet upstairs. Obviously these dark, out-of-the-way spaces really mess up my #shelfie game, but it also means that books are perched wherever they will fit and I really need some bookends to keep them on the top of the shelves.

Bookshelves. Too many books? I think you mean, not enough bookshelves. This only adds to the problem driving my number one request up there, but I have made my peace with it.

More books to put on the bookshelves. There will never be a day when I look around and say, “well, that’s enough books. I’m through buying them now.” New and amazing books are released every year. The possibilities are endless. I can’t stay away from the new worlds to visit and people to meet.

An app that alerts you to sales prices on books. We have apps for literally everything else, including things we don’t need an app for. Might as well have one tailored for bookworms looking for a bargain.

Sunny reading nook with a comfy chair and a fluffy blanket. (Cat optional.) Working on this one. I have just the spot in mind, I only need the time and a comfy enough chair to implement my plan. And then *rubs hands together* my family might not see me for days at a time.

A law making stickers on covers illegal. I shouldn’t even need to explain this one. We all know the feeling of getting our lovely book in the mail, opening it up, admiring the cover . . . and then running smack into that awful, ugly, horrible, no-good-very-sticky sticker RIGHT THERE on the cover and it’s ruined now, thanks a lot, it ruins the entire aesthetic of the cover and ^%^%asrghtf^&. ORCS EAT YOUR BONES, WHOEVER THOUGHT UP STICKERS ON COVERS.

A Bookworm Fort made of books, where we can read all together, but separately in our own little fort room (because; bookworms). This one seems like such a natural step, I can’t think why no one has built one already.

A Hobbit cloak that swishes dramatically. This is a wishlist, so I’m operating under the principle of ‘go big, or go home’. And I would like a cloak. A sturdy, unbreakable, unreasonably warm, good for all weathers, but also stylish cloak. Everyone needs a cloak that swishes just right, to stalk around under cover of deepest night through a dark forest. Or on a Sunday afternoon because, hello, it’s a cloak.

The Philosopher’s Stone or a reasonable equivalent. There’s only one way to manage my reading list and all the items from this wishlist, and that is to live forever. It seems like a very sensible solution to me.

And, number ten . . .

 . . . More books.