Friday Favorites (2)

You know you wanna. Come on over and join us as we talk excitedly about our favorite things

March 1: TBR Books (we all have those books on our TBR that we know will be favorites, but just sit on our TBR forever)

Ah, the beautiful Mount TBR, smoking gently in the light of my bedside lamp, just waiting patiently to explode.

Foothills made of giftcard purchases and one-click Kindle freebies. Small, winding paths of bookstagram recommendations that end in the sheer drop known as “this series isn’t finished yet. Oops, haha!” And the relentless cliffs comprised of eighteen plus book series from beloved authors like Gena Showalter, Ruby Dixon, and Kresley Cole.

Honestly, a TBR is a harrowing, difficult climb and I’d suggest leaving it to professional bookworms

There are lots of books waiting to be read that I KNOW I’ll love. The reviews from trusted sources, the blurbs, the tropes . . . everything about them is just right for me and yet I STILL HAVE NOT READ THEM because I have the time management skills of an overbaked bun. Apparently. Also, I’m a committed mood reader. Anyway, gaze upon my list of shame and join me in shaking your head knowingly.

On the Romance TBR that I know I will love:

99 Percent Mine, Sally Thorne. I’m still terrified this won’t be as good as The Hating Game 🙁

A Night to Surrender (acutally the entire Spindle Cove series, I know, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME) Tessa Dare

Devil’s Daughter, Lisa Kleypas. I really just want to read this for Silver Fox Sebastian lecturing young rakes about how to treat his daughter. YAAAS, my ovaries heartily approve.

Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell. This will be even better because I’ve read Simon and Baz’s story and I adore those two cinnamon rolls with all my heart, just like Cath does.

The Real Deal, Lauren Blakely. There’s no possible way I could dislike a contemporary relationship of convenience plot and my ladies on #romancestagram love this book so much.

Wicked Abyss, Kresley Cole. I can’t freaking WAIT to see Abyssian, the Prince of Hell, laid low by love. It’s going to be epic.

body ready

On the Horror/Fantasy TBR that I already know will be 5 Star:

Jackaby, William Ritter. This is a recommended specifically for Hufflepuffs read, and I already love the premise. So get to it, SE!

Kings of the Wyld, Nicholas Eames. Sounds like a bloody, stabby good time and Holly (aka The Grimdragon) really super recommends this.

Pet Sematary, Stephen King. With the movie coming out next month the clock is ticking on my first read of this book.

Red Rising, Pierce Brown. My heart being ripped out and served to me on a silver platter has been promised.

Red Sister, Mark Lawrence. It is way past time for me to read some Mark Lawrence.

The Deep, Nick Cutter. Straight up claustrophobic horror. The last book to keep me up all night eying my closet nervously was IT, and I have a feeling this one will do it as well.