Getting reviews can be so difficult for small press/Indie authors. Believe me, I know the pain. As I’ve worked my way through the wild west Interweb I’ve been lucky enough to find & follow plenty of book bloggers, mostly for their fascinating reviews. A lot of these websites accept books for reviews, which makes them just about the most wonderful people on the web. The vast majority of bloggers do this completely unpaid. Just for the love of literature. Because this is the case, I have two warnings for you about this list:

REALLY CAREFULLY READ each blog’s review guidelines before you fire off an email asking them to take your book. No one, including you, wants their time wasted by requests which will be denied, anyway.

Some of the blogs are so inundated with reviews that they’re currently not accepting any more. PLEASE respect that. I’ve tried not to include any bloggers currently on a break, but things change every day on the Internet so some might slip through.

And hey, if you find a blog with books in your genre, you could consider becoming a follower of it. That would be a kind thing to do.

Review Sites for your Author Toolbox (1) They take: ALL GENRES! Erotic romance has a separate submission form, but they still take it. From: Both Indie and traditionally published authors. They take: Mostly YA, SciFi and fantasy. Will consider MG, and all ages of thriller/mystery. From: Indie and traditionally published. They take: YA/NA romance. Historical & contemporary romance. Contemporary fiction. *Please note* no horror, SciFi, or MGFrom: not specified. They take: General fiction, fantasy, SciFi & ownvoices/diverse nonfiction. Also accepts MG. From: not specified. They take: Just about everything! Only genres not accepted are Nonfiction, Horror, and Memoirs. They give preference to diverse books. From: not specified. They take: *please note* only physical book copies, and they are UK based. Adult, NA, YA and MG fantasy & paranormal. They will consider romance in these genres. From: not specified. They take: Most types of fiction, but they do not want erotica please. Short stories and poetry will be considered. They’re also open to author guest posts/interviews.  From: not specified. They take: Fiction, preferably with some romance, fantasy, paranormal & contemporary. Adult and YA. From: Not specified. They take: Not specified on page, but I follow Jena on Instagram and she loves horror/dystopian/fantasy and edges more towards YA. From: Not specified. They take: YA, NA & Adult fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, romance, historical fiction & dystopian. *Please note* No nonfiction or poetryFrom: looks like both Indie and traditionally published. They take: Pretty much any genre, if she doesn’t connect with the blurb you send she will let you know. Also open to author interviews and guest posts. From: Both Indie and traditionally published.

thenovelistics.blogspot.comThey take: Fantasy, SciFi, historical, dystopian. Other genres might be considered. From: Mostly traditional and small press authors, but Indie authors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. They take: Crime/mystery, historical (including romance) and fantasy. They will consider SciFi, some nonfiction, and contemporary romance. *Please note* Do not come at them with thrillers, horror, or dystopian. From: not specified. They take: Historical fiction, cozy mysteries, and fantasy. They will consider paranormal and urban fantasy.  From: not specified. They take: YA, NA, MG contemporary fiction, adult contemporary romance. No nonfiction or horrorFrom: both Indie and traditionally published.

itsowlsreads.wordpress.comThey take: General fiction, historical fiction, LGBTQIA, mystery/thrillers, NA, Romance, Sci Fi, fantasy, YA. From: both Indie and traditionally published.  They take: *mostly what’s on the already chosen TBR but your email may be considered*. YA, NA and adult fantasy, SciFi, and paranormal.  From: both Indie and traditionally published. They take: Looks like mostly general fiction and historical fiction. From: not specified.

lifewithallthebooks.comThey take: Pretty much anything but erotica, poetry, self-help, religious books, or chick lit. From: not specified.

quinnsbooknook.comThey take: Fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, urban fantasy, historical fiction and romance. No SciFi or dystopian novels. From: *Only accepts requests from traditionally published authors*

readingromances.wordpress.comThey take: *please note* preferred genre is romance. Interested in many sub-genres of romance, historical, NA, contemporary and erotic. From: both Indie and traditionally published authors.

www.thatartsyreadergirl.comThey take: romance (especially historical and contemporary), dystopia, fantasy, mystery/thriller, science fiction, chick-lit, travel memoir, and realistic fiction. In MG, YA, NA and adult. Will also consider children’s picture books. From: *only accepts traditionally published authors*

gaybook.reviewsThey take: *Note, as the url suggests, this site only accepts M/M romance books.* Speaking from my own experience they were extremely professional, quick to respond, and prompt with a fair review. From: Both Indie and traditionally published authors.  *this is a curated list of several blogs/sites which take LGBT books for review* It appears they will take both Indie and traditionally published authors. They take: Bibi focuses on romance and loves the reverse harem sub-genre. But depending on the blurb she may be in the mood for other genres, so your email may be considered.  From: both Indie and traditionally published authors. They take: YA, NA, thrillers, romances, contemporaries. Particularly interested in ownvoices books about mental illness. From: both Indie and traditionally published authors.

This is a huge list and will take you some time, but if you’re looking for even more blogs or websites to try, you can also check out The Ultimate List of Book Review Websites from

Good luck, friends!