October 25 favorites is: Magic Wielders

Did I use this post as yet another excuse to bust out the Shia Pornstache gif? YOU BET YOUR SWEET EDIBLE BRITCHES I DID. Here you go:

magic gif

On to the favorite magic wielders in my nerdy bookish heart.

Fred & George Weasley, Harry Potter series, JK Rowling

“Hey, look — Harry’s got a Weasley sweater, too!” Fred and George were wearing blue sweaters, one with a large yellow F on it, the other a G.
“Harry’s is better than ours, though,” said Fred, holding up Harry’s sweater. “She obviously makes more of an effort if you’re not family.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Alanna of Trebond, Song of the Lioness, Tamora Pierce

Alanna is my favorite for her multiple forms of magic, how hard she had to work to control them, her incredible stubbornness, her drive to get what she wants, and every single thing she had to endure in knight training (you know who you are, you bastards, and Alanna is definitely the one laughing now).

Numair Salmalin, Wild Magic series, Tamora Pierce

Because he can shapeshift and often chooses the form of a crow. Nothing else need be said here.

Trisana Chandler, Circle of Magic series, Tamora Pierce

Since I, too, would rather call down hail to hurt the people who want to interrupt my reading time than just put the book down. I identify with Tris and her crotchety attitude towards life on a spiritual level.

bookworm gif

Magic! Magic, magically, magic

Angharad Crewe, The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley

Hari is like, the ultimate chosen one. She’s practical, stubborn, calm, and won’t be pushed around by fate or her newly discovered magic or even the King. Mostly she’s just grateful she has the power to save the place she loves, rather than sitting back waiting for someone else to do it.

Howl and Sophie Pendragon, Howl’s Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones

“Go to bed, you fool,” Calcifer said sleepily. “You’re drunk.”
“Who, me?” said Howl. “I assure you, my friends, I am cone sold stober.” He got up and stalked upstairs, feeling for the wall as if he thought it might escape him unless he kept in touch with it. His bedroom door did escape him. “What a lie that was!” Howl remarked as he walked into the wall. “My shining dishonesty will be the salvation of me.” He walked into the wall several times more, in several different places, before he discovered his bedroom door and crashed his way through it. Sophie could hear him falling about, saying that his bed was dodging.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle

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Now THAT’S what you do with your magic