Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and it seems that, as a writer of romance, I should…celebrate this holiday? I might have some sort of special *insight* into a day promoting love, relationships, promiscuity (or at least some fun new sex acts) and attractively-packaged, violently-pink sugar products? I can at least pretend to be enthusiastic about this marketing opportunity? Is that right?

*Checks notes*

Ah-ha. Yes. Indeed this is all so. Well, okay then.

I can’t claim any insight into the bright pink candy packaging, unless you follow along on a color-choice tangent with me. I think there’s some sort of Freudian double entendre going on there. Really. Think about it. Why would pink or red be the chosen Valentine’s colors unless they had to do with…ahem…parts of the body which are pink and/or red? (If that made you make some sort of yuck face as you considered the anatomical options, you are welcome.) I mean, nothing else makes sense if you take into consideration the focus on sex and fertility which started this whole holiday mess. Try explaining that reasoning to a marketing class.

HERE. Have some thinly veiled-sexual-reference-chocolate, you Valentine’s skeptic!

I’m getting off track here. Let’s leave the candy alone for a bit and focus on the relationships, love, and romance part of the holiday. Everyone deserves some romance and a good big helping of love in their lives and I am actually, all sarcasm aside, a fan of the holiday promoting that. It’s no secret that I also love, read, research, and promote romance novels.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, then, here are some romance centric posts to get you in the mood.