Although maths is not my strong point, I can handle a little statistics. Strap-in and let’s do some statisticking. Blogging-wise, 2018 was a pretty good year and I always have fun breaking it down.

Visitors in 2018: 1,535

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Success! This pink sparkle glitter bath is exactly what it feels like

Top 5 Posts from 2018:

16 Parenting Sites/Magazines that Will Pay You to Write for Them (I will continue to update this as I find more.)

Instagram For Your Author Toolbox (Come to the social media dark side. Joinn usss.)

Adding AllAuthor to Your Author Toolbox (Yes please! Authors, go do this!)

My Books (Thank you, by the way!)

Frequently Used Words in Romance: Top Ten Tuesday Post (I’m not the only person who icky-hates ‘moist’. 100% of commenters dislike it too.)


This has literally nothing to do with anything, I just love Joss Whedon being a dork

New favourite book blog/Bookstagram I discovered in 2018:

Oh so many! For books and reviews of a fantasy persuasion, LilySharp was an awesome new find. For horror, Johann is now my go-to blogger and Goodreads profile. For romance, I’m really digging Herding Cats & Burning Soup. I also wrote a fall gratitude post about six other new-to-me blogs I found in 2018 that run a gamut of different genres.

Favourite post I wrote in 2018:

Sacrifices for the Marketing Beast; an Author Toolbox Post

It took a long time to track down all of the different options for paid book advertising and I like how well it all came together. Plus, I think it would be helpful for other authors, so I keep putting it out there.

Post I wish had gotten a little more love:

Rejected Book Titles

Tis a very silly post. I’m also very proud of the rejected children’s book titles I came up with.

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Top three searches that led users right to me:

Did you know WordPress lets me see what user searches lead to my page? Welp, now you do. Big Brother is most definitely watching. ( No idea what I’m doing to get such accurate searches, but it appears to be working?)
amazon (Please don’t take any legal action, Amazon, it’s not my fault if people type in Amazon and end up on my page! Also I have no idea how the two are related.)
shower organiser pole super white (And the same to you, buddy! Second year in a row this has been one of the top searches leading to me and ???)

Top five countries my readers came from:

The United States (dude), Candada (Hi guys!), The United Kingdom (cheers!), Australia (love you guys) and India (Hi!)

Reasons my readers are the best:

You guys are sophisticated and demand good content.

My gifs don’t scare you.

You have intellectually stimulating things to say. This is so cool.

No one is ever afraid to add something useful or helpful in the comments, which, keep doing that! Just like that.

Your comments are always about the actual article which, in Internetland, is like finding a unicorn eating strawberries underneath a glitter rainbow on a warm Tuesday in January. You guys are magic, is what I’m saying.

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